This is a Unsupported Mod due to a bug with Logs being placed into the cart, that remains unresolved.

Therefore no formal instructions will be made to help with installation, as it is assumed anyone whom wishes to use mods in this section have a certain level of knowlage to install and possibly rectify the mod.

# Log Cart

Download here 

LiFx Log Cart created for LIF:YO

Installation instructions

  1. Download the latest package from the above link.

  2. Extract the contents of the zip to a local folder

  3. Remove older versions of the mod from your server

  4. Upload the contents of the folder “mods” to the server

  5. Upload the contents of the folder “yolauncher” to the server

Credits for mod Creation

  • Dorian - Conversion to LiFx Framework
  • Zbigi - Making Original mod work
  • Kurai - Model creation

Copyright © 2020-2022 Distributed by an GPL 3.0 license.
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