Server framework

Table of contents

  1. Installation instructions
  2. Changelog

Installation instructions

Download the mod Dynamic JSON Badge

Copy the without unpackaging it to your servers root directory

+-- .. (Life is Feudal: Your Own dedicated server root)
|-- config_local.cs
|-- main.cs
|-- mods
|   |-- Mods are installed here
+-- ..

Directory structure


Date Version Comment
14.12.2022 3.0.0 Removed requirement to register mods to a mods hook, it is now handled by activatePackage, setup function is made mandatory. Added export functionality for objects_types.xml, recipe.xml and recipe_requirement.xml (credits to Basil for allowing us to use his work for this)
01.10.2021 2.6.1 Added deathhook functionality
15.04.2021 2.4.0 Added display of new version tag on modsAdded inclution of Utility a public repository for common functions to the LiFx framework
30.01.2021 2.2.0 Added new hooks$LiFx::hooks::onPostConnectRoutineCallbacks = JettisonArray(“onPostConnectRoutineCallbacks”);$LiFx::hooks::onPreConnectRequestCallbacks = JettisonArray(“onPreConnectRequestCallbacks”);
24.01.2021 2.1.0 Released, 1.x.x is now deprecated and unsupported
02.01.2021 2.0.0 See Server autoloader 2.0.0
27.12.2020 v1.1.0 Introduced a new config file in mods/AutoloadConfig.csEach mod has 4 settings-1 = Uninstall – remove all associated files0 = Do nothing – excisting files will remain intact1 = Download but do not execute // Enables mod2 = Download and execute All settings will be unpacked with 0 as their default setting uninstall is not implemented execution as per now is for future use and does not apply to third party mods, is currently only used for LiFx main mod.
21.12.2020 v1.0.3 Changed when db.cs is executed to before InitServer to append sql to dump.sql
21.12.2020 v1.0.2 Added initServer calls that will execute “db.cs” files in mods/<yourmod>/db.cs just before CreateServer starts for adding SQL updates after dump.sql and patch.sql has ranAdded overloadable init call for starting packages loaded after onStart()</yourmod>
20.12.2020 v1.0.1 Added onPostInit call
19.12.2020 v1.0.0 The initial release of our server-side mod, it introduces our LiFx Mod Framework structure