Life is Feudal: Extended

Life is Feudal: Extended (LiFx)

Sponsored by Rampart Games

LiFx is sponsored by Rampart.Games, a modern container based game server provider. No slot limitations, you choose and pay for the resources that fit your needs.

All the documentation you need to make your mods compatible with the LiFx framework. This resource is primarily for developers and server owners.

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Download server framework Get YoLauncher

Getting started creating server mods


  1. Life is Feudal: Your Own
  2. Life is Feudal: Your Own dedicated server (local setup guide)
  3. LiFx Server framework

Getting started creating client mods

Developer dependencies

Bootstrap project

Client dependencies

Every client will be dependent on YoLauncher for LiFx compatible client mods.

About the project

A framework for making mods to Life is Feudal: Your Own.
The client framework is requires the use of YoLauncher.
The server framework is standalone.


Life is Feudal: Extended (LiFx) is distributed by a GPL 3.0 license.


  • Mjoed LiF: Extended
  • Nyuton of and join venture YoLauncher

Notable contributors

  • Ebhe (our moderator)
  • Ulrik
  • Johnny
  • Ibun (of Viking Gaming)
  • Basil of BasilMod
  • Skunk of SF Mod
  • Kurai Seraph
  • Zbig for the initial implementation of the wood cart as a seperate harnessable cart.
  • Joseantime for old site contributions
  • Pabluuz for old site contributions
  • laze for translation to French

The community overall