LiFx Mega Pack

Life Is Feudal LiFx Mega Pack - This is a large modpack with 14 mods set up for you as a drag and drop install.

Download MegaPack here

Installation Instructions

To Install this mod, ensure you have the LiFx FrameWork installed Download here

This is a Mega Pack, consisting of 14 mods

Jorvik Mod V1.0 - This is a LiFx Conversion of the Original Jorvikmod created by Odin One eye

Admin Oversight - Reports Admin Actions in game for Player transparency

LiFx BellTowerFix - this is a client side mod only

LiFx Gui Changes - This changes things like Loading screens and ingame menus

LiFx Extras - This is automated Container changes and more rooms in houses.

LiFX FullServer Fix - This is a full server fix including a Vip System if your server gets full

LiFx Healer - This is a healer mod using the object Mara sickle to heal players

  • You must spawn her using GM commands in game then restart the server to build the triggers upon detecting her presence

LiFx KillFeed - this is a kill feed system which shows a kill feed when players die

LiFx Knool ModPack - This is a pack containing Knools and Weapons

LiFx Loot - this is a Loot mod created for Knools but easily changeable for things such as events

LiFx Offline Protection - Offline protection for when players are unable to Login during JH

TradepostMaintenance - Autoloads Items on the tradeposts for sale and purchase to and from the crown

  • To Disable this change the name of file to something such as gmod.cs or simply delete the mod.cs file

onlineAlignment - this auto grants Alignment in a timeframe

LiFx Church - This is the Stone church from Life Is feudal mmo imported for LiF YO

Installation Instructions

Before you begin ensure your server is turned off

  1. To USE this modpack Locate your game servers route directory folder, Which is the same location your file and the games .exe is

  2. Upload the following 3 Folders to this folder and overwrite (save backups)
    • data
    • mods
    • yolauncher
  3. Run the createModpack.bat (must have 7zip installed)

  4. Upload the new .zip file created to yo launcher

  5. Turn on the server & Activate the new modpack on yo launcher website