Heraldry Not Working how can this be fixed?

- Shut down the server first
- Update DB by changing coalition From utf8_unicode_ci  to the correct one utf8_general_ci

This should be done In the heraldic_charges​​​ Table​​​​

As pictured below

Ensure you save the data after changes or they will not take effect

- Restart the server

In some cases the coalation is not the issue, in this case you can try to run the Query below into your database using HeidiSql or a similar program

this will fix positioning issues in heraldic_charges

ALTER TABLE `heraldic_charges`
    ALTER `Position` DROP DEFAULT,
ALTER TABLE `heraldic_charges`
    CHANGE COLUMN `Position` `Position` ENUM('top_left','top_center','top_right','middle_left','true_center','middle_right','bottom_left','bottom_center','bottom_right') NOT NULL AFTER `ColorIndex`,
    CHANGE COLUMN `Size` `Size` ENUM('small','medium','large') NOT NULL AFTER `Position`;