How can I create a new admin land

How to locate GeoID of particular terrain tiles
press ctrl & Tilde key ~ (usually above Tab) This will bring up the in game Console as pictured below

once the console is up paste the following into it

$TerrainSelection::debug_drawCellInfo = 1;

You will then start to see the Geo IDS as pictured below**

Creating the Adminlands

With this step done simply look at the tile you wish to gain a Geo id and it will display the Geo ID next to “SEL: ter” then replace geoid1 and geoid2 using this process with the geo ids you wish to use.

  • /adminland create geoId1 geoId2 name of adminland


/adminland create 117360041 117372821 AdminLands

Quick Tip: To clean up confusion with geo ids please check below
Where geoId1 and geoId2 are two corners of the claim.

You can create an infinite number of admin claims.

Once you have the correct information for where you want the Admin lands input this information ingame into the system tab.

Removing the Adminlands

To remove a particular claim, you must stand on it and use this command in the console:
/adminland delete