Container Changes

 Introduction of Automated Container changes 

Download here

Automated Container change mod.

This will change the container sizes for the following

  • ​​​​​Warehouse - Increase to 50000 Storage
  • Large Warehouse - Increase to 100000 Storage
  • Bloomery - Increase to 1000 Storage
  • Furnace - Increase to 300 Storage
  • Blacksmith Workshop - Increase to 500 Storage
  • Camp Fire - Ability to burn soil & Increase to 1000 Storage
  • Forge and Anvil - Increase to 200 Storage
  • Kiln - Increase to 1000 Storage
  • Cart - Increase to 1000 Storage
  • Trader Cart - Increase to 2000 Storage
  • Horse Cart - Increase to 6000 Storage (Normal and Tented) 
  • Chest - Increase to 600 Storage
  • Wardrobe - Increase to 800 Storage
  • Crate - Increase to 400 Storage
  • Barrel - Increase to 600 Storage
  • Big Couldren- Increase to 1000 Storage
  • Oven - Increase to 300 Storage
  • Brewing Tank- Increase to 300 Storage

    This will give more rooms for the following Houses

  • Small wooden house - To 10 Rooms
  • Small Plaster house - To 10 rooms
  • Wooden House - To 10 Rooms
  • Plaster house - To 10 Rooms

Installation instructions 

  1. Download the latest package from the above link.

  2. Extract the contents of the zip to a local folder

  3. Remove older versions of the mod from your server

  4. Upload the contents of the folder “mods” to the server

  5. Stop the server and copy files on the server from /LiFx/dbexport to your servers /data folder
    • Ensure the Autoload Config is set to true (this is found in your mods folder once the LiFx FrameWork is installed on your server) Example - $LiFx::createDataXMLS = true; // To create recipe, recipe_requirements and objects_types xml from the database
  6. Download  and copy objects_types.xml from the servers generated xml files (in the LiFx Folder)
    • To your Servers “Data Folder”
    • To your “yolauncher/modpack/data” folder.
  7. Ensure you have 7zip installed on your computer Download here

  8. Ensure all you need is in the pack and insert files into the yo launcher folder that you need for your server, ensuring you do not overwrite the mod files without checking your are moving a more up to date version with the correct information.

    - object_types.xml (Built for you as mentioned on the server and can be found in the db export folder )
  9. ​​Run the “createModpack.bat” included in this pack to generate a mod pack to upload to Yo Launcher
  10. Upload to Yo Launcher as normal 

  11. Enjoy